Lada’s paintings can be purchased on the online sites Artfinder and Saatchi. Prices vary depending on the currency, courier or local delivery, and gallery percentages. Choose a convenient option. If you want to buy or order a painting directly, you can write to me below in the feedback form or directly on Instagram.

Dear friends and collectors!
Due to sanctions and difficulty with payment, it is temporarily impossible to buy my paintings on most sites. But there are delivery and payment methods, they work and have been tested, so if you wish, you can write to me personally by email, in social networks or in the feedback form on this page. We will discuss everything and agree on a personal basis.

Thank you for support.

Worldwide delivery by local postal services, secure payment by card or Pay Pal, return options, large selection from large paintings to small sketches, print ordering (artist prints and sends).
Based in the UK
Для русскоязычных коллекционеров
Free worldwide shipping by major courier companies (DHL and UPS), secure payment, certificates of authenticity, ordering prints (platform makes and ships).
Based in the USA

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