News April 2022

Dear friends and collectors!

Due to sanctions and difficulty with payment, it is temporarily impossible to buy my paintings on most sites. But there are delivery and payment methods, they work and have been tested, so if you wish, you can write to me personally by email, in social networks or in the feedback form on the next page “Buy online”. We will discuss everything and agree on a personal basis.

I also added a page with donations on the “buy me a coffee” service. I have lost most of my income due to the disconnection from online galleries and I would be pleased if you support me financially with a small amount. Now it is very difficult psychologically to continue to create, but I try not to give up.

Also, due to sanctions, I can’t pay for the renewal of my domain yet, so the site address is now not, but (I hope this is temporary).

Thank you for being with me. I will continue to carry the light in my work.