My Universe

The series “My Universe” began in 2017 with the artwork “Daughters of the Universe”. It was an experimental work where I learned to work with gold leaf and wanted to portray my feelings.

Later, at the beginning of 2020, I returned to the idea of ​​creating a series of artworks. The idea of ​​the series is in contact with our inner and outer Universe. Inside us, such a wealth of experiences and emotions is like a whole Universe.

Then the artworks “Wind of Change” and “Immersion in yourself” appeared.
In the first painting, a constellation in the shape of a heart is formed from the stars, hinting at the state of love and euphoria of the depicted girl. The color scheme against the background is dominated by pink as if a girl in this state looks at the world around her through pink glasses. Everything around is mysteriously romantic.

In the painting “Immersion in yourself” there is an image of a girl immersed in her Universe of thoughts and self-reflection. Perhaps she is dreaming. She is in herself, the world around her is in blue tones as if she is divorced from reality.

The next painting in series was “Follow Your Dream”. This is a self-portrait because the topic is very close to me. I grew up in a society and a time where people dream only in childhood. I sincerely try to keep the ability to dream and carry it through life. This painting is about how important it is to look into your universe and see your dreams. Often, some very distant and small star-dream eventually becomes a huge powerful star. All in our hands. This story is about the importance of protecting your dream from its very inception and growing and one day fulfilling it into something big and amazing.

The next work in the series was the diptych “Two Universes”. I wanted to supplement the series with work not only about the inner experiences of one person but also the contact of two. Because this is also a magical moment when two universes find each other and unite. This painting was painted in November 2020.

This series is still paused, I return to it when I have a desire.