Don’t see the world

All my art is based on the transmission of emotions and experiences. In most cases, I try to broadcast positive energy, but sometimes I want to share other experiences that are in my soul. The series of works “Don’t see the world” was born by chance. It was written at the end of 2020. The same year in which there were many travel bans due to the situation in the world. I had hopes of traveling this year, but the pandemic hit both finances and freedom of movement.
The idea came at one moment and I began to paint while sitting in the 4 walls of my workshop, from which I rarely got out all this year. The girl was of European appearance in a hood on a gray background, somewhat similar to me. It was clear that I was broadcasting my emotion through the image of a girl close to mine. Therefore, the next day I thought about continuing this series since almost the entire planet and a lot of people are affected by the pandemic. Everyone is limited in movement. So I supplemented the series with two portraits. I understand that it was possible to expand this series further since many peoples are in trouble, but I decided to stop three portraits since the idea was realized.
Two paintings from the series immediately found their owners and flew to the USA and Great Britain.

If you are interested, then I will talk about some of my work in the blog.
Thanks for your attention!