Welcome to my world

Let’s get acquainted? The first blog post I want to tell you about how I came to what I am doing now.

Even though I have been painting all my life since childhood, I began to paint the first conscious portraits in 2013, at the same time the first orders began. I started my creative public career with digital painting and for several years painted only on a graphic tablet. In connection with my studies at the Department of Design and National Arts, where we never parted with laptops, I gradually returned to traditional materials, mastered oil painting, and began teaching at an art studio. By the time I graduated from university, I realized that design does not fascinate me as much as painting with traditional materials. After studying, I worked for a couple of years as a freelance illustrator and artist, then again as a teacher in an art studio.

But in 2020, I realized that I wanted to become a full-time artist.

The main genre of my work is portrait. I am very inspired by people, their thoughts, behavior, emotions, appearance, images. I transmit many of my thoughts through the images of girls since this is close to me and so I feel what I want to express. But sometimes I go to flowers or landscapes, I like to work with sunlight in paintings. Also, I don’t limit myself to mediums. My main medium is oil, but I also use acrylics, and watercolors, and graphics.

I created this site at the very beginning of 2021 and I hope that I will fill it up often. I hope that there will be more and more people to whom my art responds. I will be immensely glad to find your response to this and will be glad to share my energy.

Welcome to my world 🙂